Frequently Asked Questions

Scholarship FAQs

1. I applied for the scholarships you have online?

We have several scholarship programs. Merit based scholarships had a deadline of February 15th. This is an annual deadline. Pending budget availability students that applied and met the requirements by the deadline were offered scholarships. Contracts emailed to students through their JSU email address. Students must sign and return within 15 business days to secure their funding offer.

Foundation (development) scholarships will typically close July 31 unless otherwise noted. All scholarship opportunities are reviewed by the respective department committees. Students will need to monitor their JSU email account for regret or offer emails. This process is ongoing throughout the academic year.

2. I was awarded a scholarship and don’t see it on my account?

New merit awards are packaged in the Financial Aid office once a student has signed and returned their scholarship offer. Please remember that a scholarship package can change to fit a student’s budget. A student must meet the minimum requirements for a scholarship to pay towards their balance.

Returning Student merit awards will apply after final grades have been turned in. Students must meet the minimum renewal requirements for a scholarship to apply to their account each academic year.

3. I’m looking for funds to help with my balance?

Have you filled out the FAFSA, did you apply for foundation/development scholarships. Those students that have applied for foundation scholarships can email with name, JNubmer and respective concern. They will receive a response within 24-48 hours. There are also GAP funds located in the Financial Aid office effective August 11, refer students that have not applied for development scholarships to financial aid. They must appear in person to receive consideration for these funds.

4. Do you have anything to help with my out of state fees?

Effective for Fall 2019 Non-Resident/Out of State Fees are $500 per semester.

5. My scholarship was taken off my account or reduced.

Per our university rules, as listed in your scholarship contract we your aid can be reduced at any time to make sure you stay within your budget. Also, all university aid pays only up to the amount of tuition, room and board, and if stated in their contract mailbox, student activity, capital improvement or book fees. Anything over that amount will cause financial aid to reduce/ or cancel scholarship aid.

Students that are on academic scholarship must be enrolled in 15 credit hours per semester for their scholarship to pay out. Financial aid runs a process after purge, weekly and students that don’t meet the requirement will need a letter from their department chair or advisor with an explanation as to why they are below the 15 hours and verify that they are on academic track. Note: Most seniors will not have 15 hours left to take.

Students who have scholarships that cover room and board will have to reside on campus. If they move off campus their scholarship will be reduced by that amount.

6. I have a third party scholarship.

Third party scholarships are not handled out of this office. The procedures for third party checks is as follows:

Students that require proof of enrollment must go to the registrar office and fill out the proof of enrollment form.
All checks need to be sent to either the financial aid office or business office. They must include the students name and J Number with terms of payment.
JSU PO Box 17159, Jackson MS. 39217 or JSU PO Box 17065, Jackson MS 39217

7. When will academic scholarships and development scholarships open for the next year?

Development/Foundation scholarships will open November 1 for Spring 2020 | Academic will open September 1 for Fall 2020

8. Although I have accepted a merit scholarship, if my GPA or ACT/SAT score increases after the deadline, am I eligible to change scholarships?

Depending on fund availability.


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