Sonic Boom Virtual Band Camp

Jackson State University
High School Band & Dance Camp

The Jackson State University “Sonic Boom of the South” High School Band & Dance Camp is a week-long intensive educational experience for students and band directors. Students get an opportunity to learn from the JSU Band Staff and SBOTS (Sonic Boom of the South) Student Leaders while getting a firsthand view on what it takes to be a part of THEE FAMOUS Sonic Boom of the South. Not only will students learn instrumental techniques and marching methods but they will also learn about social and emotional growth, college readiness, and an overall great time. Band Directors will have an opportunity to learn from highly experienced music educators who have proven to be successful in their field. If you or your child is interested in JSU or just a great musical experience, this camp is for you!

General Information

June 9-15, 2024
Jackson State University
Application Time Frame:
February 16, 2024-May 15, 2024
Incoming 9th-Incoming College Students (Age 14-19)
JSU is committed to creating educational opportunities for all students however, this camp is not necessarily designed for beginner students with limited marching band experience.
$500.00 – Residential Camper (meals and on-campus lodging are provided)
$300.00 – Commuter Camper (meals are provided but on-campus lodging is not provided)
Basic Schedule:
-Physical Training (PT)
-Breakout Chamber-Large Ensembles/Sessions 
-Indoor Marching Band Rehearsal
-Outdoor Marching Band Rehearsal

Camp Ensembles/Courses

Drum Major Techniques

Designed to allow students to learn fitness concepts, conditioning techniques, basic marching styles, conducting, and leadership techniques to be successful.

Woodwind Ensemble

Designed to introduce basic techniques and fundamentals, instrumental care, ideologies, and pedagogical approaches to instruments within the woodwind family.

Brass Ensemble

Designed to introduce basic techniques and fundamentals, instrumental care, ideologies, and pedagogical approaches to instruments within the brasswind family.

Percussion Ensemble

Designed to introduce basic techniques and fundamentals, instruments, ideologies, and pedagogical approaches to instruments within the percussion family.

Concert Band

Designed to give upper-level musicians to be exposed to appropriate literature and expand their musical experience in a large fully instrumented ensemble.

Dance Techniques

Designed to allow dancers to learn/enhance basic dance techniques while exercising and stretching to improve performance, and endurance and prevent injury.

Special Topics

An exploration of marching band techniques through lectures from the University Band Staff. Highlighting a few skills in learning how to prepare, organize, teach, and rehearse a band program.


Will my child be allowed to stay on campus? Yes
Will students be allowed to participate if they do not stay on campus? Yes, as a commuter
Will chaperones be allowed to attend? Yes, they will and will have to pay
What kind of residency halls will my student(s) stay in? Residence halls will be determined
What will be needed for students staying on campus? Toiletries, bedding for XL twin beds, microwave, mini-refrigerators, air fryers, TV, video game consoles
Will instruments be provided? It is preferred that students bring their own instruments. This includes large instruments as well (sousaphones, drums, etc.). If a student is traveling by plane and have a large instrument, please contact us
Will meals be provided? Yes, breakfast, lunch, and dinner
What is the attire for camp? White t-shirt, blue shorts, white socks, and white shoes. Students will also need concert white (top)/black (bottom) attire for concert(s). 
Will my student(s) be taken care of? Yes, we take a vested interest in the safety of all participants. Students will be busy the majority of camp
Will there be any other activities for students other than rehearsal? Yes, there will be Q&A sessions along with a talent show!
When will parents receive other detailed information regarding camp? After the June 1 deadline, this will include music as well
When are the performances? Concerts are Friday night (6p) and marching band is Saturday (4p).
I’m booking flights, when is registration and check out? Registration is Sunday at 10a-3p; check-out will be Saturday at 11p. The performance will be done by 5p.
Will there be transportation available from the airport/bus station to campus? No, not by JSU


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Inaugural 2013 Dance Feature

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Inaugural 2013 Ballad

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2022 Registration

2022 Behind the Scenes

2022 Performance

Thank you to all our past partcipants! We look forward to many more successful camps in the future!

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