Committee Structure

In April 2019, Jackson State University established a committee structure to oversee the university’s preparations for reaffirmation  of accreditation.

Reaffirmation Leadership Team

The Reaffirmation Leadership Team (RLT) oversees the 2021 reaffirmation process by providing leadership and resources to the committees preparing the reaffirmation documents and by ensuring the university is in compliance with SACSCOC Principles of Accreditation. The Leadership Team will give final approval of two key documents to SACSCOC:

  • the Compliance Certification
  • the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)

Department of Institutional Research, Planning, and Effectiveness

The Department of Institutional Research, Planning, and Effectiveness (DIRPE) works in concert with the SACSCOC Leadership Team to oversee the preparation of both the Compliance Certification and Quality Enhancement Plan. The SACSCOC Liaison and Director of Institutional Research, Planning, and Effectiveness coordinates and reviews the work of the writing teams. She makes recommendations on areas and needs of improvement to individual writing teams and the SACSCOC Leadership Team.

Compliance Certification Writing Teams

JSU has established eight writing teams to draft the university’s Compliance Certification, which demonstrates how JSU adheres to SACSCOC core requirements and comprehensive standards.  The teams are grouped by content so that they may share information in a more efficient manner and build a supportive community. The team format also ensures consistency to meet the requirements of SACSCOC Principles of Accreditation.  The writing teams will review policies, procedures, practices, and programs to determine compliance and to identify any potential areas of concern that should be addressed.